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To get an ATM card you'd speak with RuneScape gold the banker, and he would tell you they costed 3k (cost could be changed, according to the feedback I get). If you'd chose to buy one, you would give the banker the 3k and he'd provide one of the ATM card. ATM cards would have 5 charges. As a consequence, you can take out 5 things from your financial institution. After each the charges were eliminated, the card will disappear and you'd have to buy a new one. ATM cards would be Untradeable. This is a tough idea, any feedback would be appreciated.

I believe that runescape ought to have a brand new theiving mini-game that's kind of a mixture of bounty hunter and party petes. SO here's my description. You go to the main building and there is a couple of portal sites for different level theiving players. In the corner there is a big black portal which you may click it and it will say -"deposit portal" and when you do that you can enter any items you want in it and then they'll be set in the portal site and teleported to a participant in the theiving area (the value of the product that is teleported to a Old school rs gold player depends on his theiving level, for example a level 30 might find a rune scimitar and a level 80 theif might find a amulet of fury or a god sword blade along with a level 90 may get a dchain and up)

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