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There are several way to get solution for your email problems, however its still a question exist in few ones brain cause not all persons were innovated technically hence its becomes acceptable as common question ask.
When that questions pop-ups in your mind simply ask yourself which email service you're using cause there are some email which already shared enough help for their clients for them you just need to know where you'll get this information to get resolved.

However there are many Email service providers who didn't serve any solution personally, while you could still found a better to to tackle some of their email problems by going for a Third party email help providers such as mentioned below.

Mozilla's Thunderbird Solution
Incredimail Quick Email Help
Outlook Troubleshooting Help
Eudora Support & Solutions
eM Clients Support Services
Thunderbird Advance Solutions

Chosen services could be full of trust-less security, better discuss before you go for it cause your security is technically your person concern, it didn't mean that provider have wrong intention but your chosen one should perfect as per security concern.

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