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# Zasláno: 10 Říj 2022 08:03

The July update is just been released on Lost Ark Gold , which introduces the Arcanist and the Punika Powerpass , which allows the player to instantly raise a character to the level of 1302 in or an Express Event as well as new challenges for the Valtan Legion Raid and more. still. Today, on the roadmap at the official website Amazon Games communicates the new features that will be released in the update of August and September.

The month of August, that tends to be a weaker month for video games, it might arrive a little. In actuality, the Pet Ranch will be added in which we will be able restore the morale of pets, manage their functions and also earn Jelly Cookies, which can be exchanged for prizes. Additionally, The Maharaka Festival will also arrive in a brand-new event that will have many prizes available for grabs.

The September month will bring two major updates . The first will be a set of major back-end technical updates that will set the stage for the second one, which will contain some of the most recent quality-of-life improvements that were recently introduced by South Korea. For example, The Global Chat Room will be added, improved interaction between servers , including interacting with people from different servers in Strongholds and the possibility to add friends from other servers, enhanced PvP settings and improved guild systems as well as improved controller support.

Additionally to that, the Machinist will be released in September . It's a new subclass with laser weapons, machine guns and drones, ready to detonate, burn and eliminate any threat. When the normal drones or weapons aren't enough to take down a target Machinists can use the cheap Lost Ark Gold ability. Energy is a core that can be charged using attacks and are used by skilled. Machinist is a class that joins Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist along with Sharpshooter as the fifth class of Gunners .

# Zasláno: 11 Lis 2022 04:18

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